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Work-life balance is essential to employee job satisfaction and performance. A productive workplace involves more than just a desk and computer, it extends to supporting overall employee well-being, with space considerations that include ergonomic seating.

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long periods can cause back and neck pain, which can lead to lower productivity. Our ergonomic office chairs can reduce musculoskeletal pain and improve physical wellness.

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Office seating

Pacifica Office Chair

Pacifica Office Chair

Explore the Pacifica in the Pacifica range by H.O. Bostrom.
Sierra Office Chair

Sierra Office Chair

Explore the Sierra office chair in the Sierra range by H.O. Bostrom.
Office Pacifica 002 Seating

Our Office seats

Built on the same platform as our popular driver seating, H.O. Bostrom’s office chairs offer height and pitch adjustability, arms, lumbar support and contouring options designed to fit a variety of body types. Our office chairs come in a variety of colors and materials, with the option to include an embroidered logo.

Office Pacifica and Sierra Seating

Configure your seating

Our office seating comes in variety of colors and fabrics. Office chairs are further customizable with your corporate or departmental logo. You can even match your office chairs to the seating in your vehicle!

Service parts

We engineer innovative seating that is simple to service and maintain, adding value and reducing downtime. With our service and replacement parts, you can:

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Extend the life of your seat with replacement components

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Easily order single components and sub-assemblies specific to the make and model of your seat

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Call our customer service team for one-on-one support, troubleshooting, identifying, ordering and shipping service parts

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Replace most seating components with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts

Find a seat that’s right for you

We combine precision-engineered products with a personal approach to create office seating that stand up to customer demands.

Whether you know your requirements or you’re not quite sure of your needs yet, our team can talk you through your options.