Since 1946

The H.O. Bostrom Difference

H.O. Bostrom is a global provider of innovative, safe and ergonomic seating systems and components for on and off-road vehicles, mobile equipment and custom applications in partnership with our customers.

We are dedicated to providing a better seating experience in on- and off-road vehicles and marine vessels. We value accountability and teamwork, principles that guide how we work with you to deliver precision-engineered seating solutions.

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Our commitment to quality & innovation

From first design to final manufactured product, our stringent testing processes mean we create seating that exceeds industry regulations. H.O. Bostrom provides high-quality technical seating and prioritizes ethical, collaborative customer partnerships. Customers benefit from our knowledge, personalized service and the efficiencies of our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Our mission and values

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Single-source seating systems

We design, engineer, assemble and service innovative seating solutions that meet your most technical needs and surpass stringent standards - all from one supplier.

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Continuous improvement

We invest in the continual improvement of our products, implementing customer and end user feedback to ensure our seats keep getting better.

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Engineering excellence

We invest in our teams’ development so they consistently deliver seating with features that are innovatively designed and intuitive to use.

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Certified quality

H.O. Bostrom has been International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified since 2005 and has been re-certified to the current standard of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

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Optimized operations

From configurable designs to service parts, we implement Lean production methods and 5S workplace practices to deliver consistent quality and value through efficient operations.

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Relationship driven

We focus on building lasting partnerships with our customers in order to work together to meet the needs for end users. 

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Why choose us for your seating

At H.O. Bostrom, we engineer innovative seating and nurture valuable relationships. Our collaboration with customers results in durable, ergonomic seats that boost performance.

Our service offering is second to none. We focus on your exact requirements before delivering an innovative, single-sourced seating solution.

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