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Pacifica Office Chair
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Built on the same robust platform as our Pacifica product line, our ergonomic, highly versatile Pacifica office chair performs with equal reliability either as a workhorse in high-intensity command and business operations centers or as a stylish, yet highly functional, furniture accessory in less hectic office environments. Our Pacifica office chair can be found in emergency dispatch call centers and fire houses across the United States.

Our Pacifica office chair comes with a stylish sewing pattern, padded folding armrests, luxury padded backrest and side bolsters and mechanical lumbar, height and pitch adjustments. Order your chair in one of a variety of colors and trim options and customize it with your logo to make the Pacifica office chair truly your own.

Pacifica Office Chair

Features and options

Wheeled base
Flip-up padded armrests
Manual height, lumbar and pitch adjustment
Optional accessories
Custom embroidered logo
Trim options
Duracoat™ Vinyl

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