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We know the toll the sea can take on even the most durable materials. That’s why our marine seats are engineered to include finishing that passes over 1000 hours of salt spray testing.

We certify every seat for high-speed crafts and international voyages so that your marine seating withstands the elements and the test of time.

Each is tested and certified to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standards and to International Maritime Organization (IMO) High Speed Code (HSC) Annex 10.

4 T380 Sierra LB Boston Harbour

Marine seating

SeaPost® Pacifica

SeaPost® Pacifica

Explore the SeaPost® Pacifica in the Pacifica range by H.O. Bostrom.
SeaPost® Pacifica Deluxe Pilot

SeaPost® Pacifica Deluxe Pilot

Explore the SeaPost® Pacifica Deluxe Pilot in the Pacifica range by H.O. Bostrom.
SeaPost® Pacifica Pilot

SeaPost® Pacifica Pilot

Explore the SeaPost® Pacifica Pilot in the Pacifica range by H.O. Bostrom.
SeaPost® Pacifica Torsion

SeaPost® Pacifica Torsion

Explore the SeaPost® Pacifica Torsion in the Pacifica range by H.O. Bostrom.
SeaPost® Sierra

SeaPost® Sierra

Explore the SeaPost® Sierra in the Sierra range by H.O. Bostrom.
SeaPost® Sierra Pilot

SeaPost® Sierra Pilot

Explore the SeaPost® Sierra Pilot in the Sierra range by H.O. Bostrom.

Our Marine seating and accessories

We design our marine seating to meet industry safety standards - each seat is American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) specifications of high-speed craft (HSC) Annex 10. When it comes to functionality and comfort, our precision-engineered solutions exceed expectations.

Marine Pacifica seating

Configure your seating

We tailor products to meet our customers’ unique technical requirements and solve for the most difficult problems. Our customer service team members are product experts and will help you determine which seating solution is the best fit for you.

Service parts

We engineer innovative seating that is simple to service and maintain, adding value and reducing downtime. With our service and replacement parts, you can:

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Extend the life of your seat with updated components and retrofit kits

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Easily order single components and sub-assemblies specific to the make and model of your seat

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Call our customer service team for one-on-one support, troubleshooting, identifying, ordering and shipping service parts

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Replace most seating components with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts

Find a seat that’s right for you

We combine precision-engineered products with a personal approach to create marine seating that stands up to customer demands as well as the elements.

Whether you know your requirements or you’re not quite sure of your needs yet, our team can talk you through your options.