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Precision-engineered seating that’s easy to service

We strive to build ergonomic seating solutions that can withstand harsh environments. That said, wear and tear is inevitable.

We make it easy to replace parts and reduce the downtime damage may cause. Our expert customer service team will work with you to assess your needs and provide the correct replacement components. Our products are completely serviceable, extending the life of your seat while saving you time and money.


Our service parts

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Replacement zip-clean washable covers and retrofit kits for many non-zip seat styles.

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Covers and cushions for seat bottoms, headrests, backs, bolsters and replacement armrests.

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Our SecureAll SCBA bracket is 100% serviceable and has customizable valve cups.

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Replacement seat belts, RiteHite components, buckle and webbing presenters, sensors, ICPs, and side roll airbags (SRA).

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Mechanical adjustments

Fore/aft, height adjust and recline mechanisms.

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Suspension systems

Torsion mechanical and air suspensions, dampers, shocks, springs, compressors and airbags.

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Pedestals, power adjusts, risers, bases, and floor slides.

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Conversion kits

SecureAll™ SCBA Locking System conversion kits for SCBA.

How our service and
replacement parts work

We engineer innovative seating that is simple to service and maintain, adding value and reducing downtime. With our service and replacement parts, you can:

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Easily order single components and sub-assemblies specific to the make and model of your seat.

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Replace all seating components with OEM parts.

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Extend the life of your seat with updated components and retrofit kits.

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Call our customer service team for one-on-one support to troubleshoot, identify, order and ship parts.

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Order your parts

Know your exact requirements and the parts you need to meet them? Fill out the form and a member of our sales team will be in touch.

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Talk through your options

Not sure what you need? Let’s discuss your options.