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We combine engineering excellence with unparalleled industry knowledge to create seating solutions that deliver on comfort, price, and style.

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Why choose us for your seating

At H.O. Bostrom, we engineer innovative, ergonomic seating that boosts performance. We nurture our relationships with our customers to deliver an innovative, single-sourced seating solution.

Our strengths

More and more customers are switching to us thanks to our winning combination of engineering excellence and expert customer care. We embody our principles of accountability and teamwork in each and every seating system we deliver.

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Engineering excellence

Our engineers field-test products, collaborate with customers, and study cabs/helms as part of the design process.

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Unparalleled service

Our sales and service teams are industry experts. We are available to recommend seats, provide instructions, troubleshoot issues, suggest retrofits and identify OEM replacement parts.

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Collaborative approach

We strive for excellence. That’s why we take your feedback seriously. Whether it’s in response to a customer change order, or partnering to develop a new product line, we want to hear from you.

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Customized design

We designed the RiteHiteTM adjustable seat belt to customize the fit for firefighters of varied heights, increasing usage and safety.

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Our attention to quality is evident in all that we do – from the design to the selection of raw materials, welding, fabrication, sewing, and seat assembly.

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Continuous improvement

High seas can create sway in helm seating. Through our continuous improvement program, we designed locking side covers for deluxe pilot chair pedestals, providing added stability and comfort.


Our history

H.O. Bostrom is a family company, founded by Harry and Astrid Bostrom in 1946. They developed the company into a successful business before passing the reins to sons Kurt and John in 1976. Nearly 70 years later, John’s son Paul Bostrom has become our third-generation company president.


Over time, our focus evolved—what began as a automotive and truck fleet cushion upholstery service expanded into a leading manufacturing business of highly engineered seating and related products.

Today, we serve our customers through every phase of their seating journey, from providing reliable seating that sets industry standards, to developing new and customized products that meet customer-specific needs.

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We craft seating solutions with a focus on quality, safety and durability that are priced competitively. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.