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Tanker 550
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The Tanker 550 SCBA seat is engineered to provide safety, durability and comfort for drivers, officers, and crew.

Each Tanker 550 seat comes with an integrated three-point All-Belts-To-Seat (ABTS) seat belt with dual retractors and a unique webbing guide, providing more seat belt length and faster, stronger retraction to prevent snagging on equipment or door damage to the belts (also available in single retractor). Our RiteHite® seatbelt adjustment system allows fire and rescue personnel to customize the fit of their seat belt by adjusting the vertical height of their seat belt by up to 4" (102 mm), enhancing comfort and safety. The ergonomic seat cushions come in both 20" (508 mm) or 22" (559 mm) widths and are contoured for maximum comfort. 

The Tanker 550 features our SecureAll® SCBA locking system, allowing an SCBA bottle to be easily pushed in and locked. Removeable StoreAll™ pads adjust to optimize comfort for a wide variety of SCBAs. The side cushions are tapered with built-in SCBA strap holders and the headrest flips up. Each seat features integrated seat springs that isolate shock. The high-strength, waterproof Durawear® fabric has proven durability with even the toughest treatment. The Tanker 550 cushions are easily replaceable without upholstery tools or removing the seat.

Customize your Tanker 550 by adding in an optional 6-way electric power adjust, cavity cover, face mask storage pouch, RestStop back pad support, or seat-mounted airbag. Or swap the standard Durawear for Durawear Plus which comes with low seat cushion seams for extra durability.



  • SCBA seat
  • ABTS with dual retractors (option for single retractor)
  • RiteHite seatbelt adjustment system
  • SecureAll SCBA locking system
  • Removeable StoreAll pads
  • Taper side cushions with built-in SCBA strap holders
  • Flip-up headrest with lateral support
  • Shock-isolating integrated seat springs
  • High-strength waterproof Durawear
  • Optional 6-way electric power adjust
  • Optional cavity cover
  • Optional face mask storage pouch
  • Optional RestStop back pad support
  • Optional seat-mounted airbag
  • Optional Durawear Plus
Tanker 550

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Zip-Clean Washable Seat Covers
6-Way Electric Power Adjust
Cavity Cover
Face Mask Storage Pouch
RestStop Back Pad Support
Seat-Mounted Airbag
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Durawear Plus

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