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Tanker 450 Electric
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The Tanker 450 Electric combines our most popular full-size self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) seat seat with the powerful adjustability of our 6-way electric power adjust.

The Tanker 450 Electric delivers premium rider comfort, safety and ease of use. Integrated seat springs isolate shock while in transit. Our patented auto-pivot-and-return headrest facilitates rapid seat egress while donned in turnout gear.

Choose between an SCBA or non-SCBA version of the Tanker 450 Electric. The SCBA version incorporates our SecureAll® SCBA locking system, allowing an SCBA bottle to be easily pushed in and locked; it is also compatible with alternate SCBA brackets. Removable StoreAll™ pads adjust to optimize comfort for a wide variety of SCBAs.

Select from a variety of options to enhance rider comfort, including flip-up armrests, 3" (76 mm) heavy-duty manual height adjustment, 5" (127 mm) manual fore/aft adjustment or 15° reclining back. Customize your Tanker 450 by including an integrated All-Belts-To-Seat (ABTS) seat belt with the option for left or right shoulder seat belt release and swivel bezels. Each Tanker 450 Electric comes standard with the FireFighter logo, or include a custom logo to truly make it your own.

Tanker 450 Electric

Features and options

Shock-isolating integrated seat springs
Auto-pivot-and-return headrest
Integrated SecureAll® SCBA bracket (SCBA version only)
Removable StoreAll™ side cushions
6-way electric power adjust
Seat style options
SCBA bracket | SecureAll® or other
Seat belts | ABTS or non-ABTS
Seat belt shoulder release (ABTS only) | left or right
Seat back | fixed or reclining
SCBA | SCBA seat or non-SCBA seat
Optional accessories
3" (76 mm) manual height adjust
5" (127 mm) manual fore/aft adjustment
Custom embroidered logo

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