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Our non-ABTS Sentinel seat is designed with an emphasis on performance and occupant comfort, ideal for driving on long trips. It incorporates extra foam padding in the back and bottom cushions and adjustable lumbar for optimal support. The Sentinel offers 105° of recline range: 30° forward to 75° back. The recline mechanism is fully enclosed making it easy to clean.

The Sentinel seat features a 20" wide by 22" deep contoured seat bottom, 9" (229 mm) of manual fore/aft adjustment and a seat occupancy sensor.

Customize your Sentinel seat by choosing one of the various Air suspension systems: Air-50 Standard seat point index (SIP) which provides 3"/76mm of vertical travel, the Air-100 Standard SIP providing 4"/102mm, the Air-140 High SIP providing 5"/127mm or the Air-150 High SIP providing 6"/152mm of vertical travel. Choose from the standard FireFighter logo or customize with your own logo to truly make the Sentinel seat your own.


Features and options

Shock-isolating Air suspension system
Extra foam padding in back and bottom cushions
Fully enclosed recline mechanism with 105° range
20" wide by 22" deep contoured seat bottom
9" (229 mm) manual fore/aft adjustment
Seat occupancy sensor
Seat style options
Air suspension | Air-50, Air-100, Air-140 or Air-150
Optional accessories
Custom embroidered logo
Two-point seatbelt
Rear-mounted storage
Trim options
Durawear® Plus

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