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Res-Q-Back 350
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The Res-Q-Back 350 is a versatile, economically priced, non-ABTS wall-mounted crew seat. It's back-bolster profile matches that of the Tanker 300 series.

The Res-Q-Back 350 is built on the same seat frame as our Res-Q-Back 450, but with a modified backrest contour that accommodates a wider SCBA apparatus.

The Res-Q-Back comes with a patented, auto-pivot and auto-return padded headrest that faciliates rapid egress from the seat for all fire and emergency response personnel donned in their turnout gear and SCBA harness. It can be paired with either a bench seat or a Res-Q-Back seat cushion (sold separately).

Select from a standard SecureAll™ bracket, SecureAll export bracket, mechanical, or Load & Lock™ bracket.



  • Tanker 300 series back bolster profile
  • Auto-pivot and auto-return padded headrest
  • Easily removeable StoreAll side cushions to fit virtually all SCBA harnesses
  • SCBA-locking bracket
  • Option for standard FireFighter logo or custom headrest logo
Res-Q-Back 350

Additional features

Seat style options
SecureAll™ SCBA Bracket
SecureAll™ SCBA Export Bracket
SCBA Bracket - various
Seat base
Optional accessories
Res-Q-Back Seat Cushion
Zip-Clean Washable Seat Covers
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