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The ultimate seat for comfort and performance. Intelligent ergonomic design, elegant contoured styling, and a rugged air suspension system join forces in the high-back Pacifica Air seat.

The molded, high-density foam and mechanical lumbar adjustment provide lower-back support and reduce rider fatigue.

Customize your Pacifica Air seat by choosing one of the various Air suspension systems: Air-50 Standard SIP which provides 3"/76mm of vertical travel, the Air-100 Standard SIP providing 4"/102mm, the Air-140 High SIP providing 5"/127mm, or the Air-150 High SIP providing 6"/152mm of vertical travel.



  • Patented Air suspension system
  • Fore/aft adjustment provides up to 6"/152mm of horizontal travel
  • Mechanical recline back to 69°
  • Mechanical lumbar adjustment
  • Molded, high-density foam
  • Optional custom headrest logo
  • Optional armrests
  • Optional seat belt
Pacifica Air

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Seat style options
Air-50 Suspension
Air-100 Suspension
Air-140 Suspension
Air-150 Suspension
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Air Suspension
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Custom Embossed Logo
Custom Embroidered Logo
Two-Point Seatbelt
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