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Our highly versatile, ultra-low-profile MX-175 suspension seat delivers quality and performance in extreme indoor or outdoor conditions. It features our matrix contour-support system and has a durable, streamlined design featuring a molded polymer back panel with a compartment to hold operator manuals. It can come upholstered or with a foam-in-place vinyl cover. Select from a fixed back or a  reclining/folding back.

Customize the MX-175 seat with our patented Air suspension for a floating suspension at a very low seat index point (SIP). Or pair the MX-175 with the Torsion suspension and use the easy-turn dial to adjust the integrated heavy-duty torsion bar to ensure a level ride across a wide range of operator weights.

The MX-175 comes with a wide seat base that provides extra stability and durability in industrial work environments.


Features and options

Wide seat base
Molded polymer back panel with compartments for operator manuals
Seat style options
Seat base | air suspension or torsion suspension
Seat back | fixed or reclining/folding
Optional accessories
Manual height adjustment
Operator presence switch (OPS)
Padded hip restraints
Two-point retractable seat belt (with or without switch)
Trim options
Duracoat™ Vinyl

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