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Integra CX
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The Integra CX is a wall-mounted crew seat that comes with an integrated SecureAll® SCBA bracket and adjustable back cushions. It is compatible with all SecureAll bracket styles including single- or twin-bottle bracketry and mechanical or electrical activation. Configure the Integra CX to your liking with two different SCBA bracket release handle locations: near the front cusion or above the left shoulder.

The back cushions on the Integra CX adjust to three different positions and provide a storage area located behind the headrest. Customize the Integra CX headrest with the standard H.O. Bostrom FireFighter logo or a custom embroidered logo.

Integra CX

Features and options

Wall-mounted SCBA seat
Adjustable back cushions
Works with all SecureAll® bracket configurations
Storage area behind headrest
Seat style options
SCBA bracket release | front cushion or left shoulder
Optional accessories
Custom embroidered logo
Flip-out lumbar support
Seat cushion

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