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FireFighter Pacifica Air
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Our Pacifica Air is the ultimate seat for comfort and performance. Intelligent ergonomic design, elegant contoured styling and a rugged air suspension system join forces in the high-back Pacifica Air seat.

The molded, high-density foam and mechanical lumbar adjustment provide lower-back support and reduce rider fatigue.

Customize your Pacifica Air seat by choosing one of the various Air suspension systems: Air-50 Standard seat point index (SIP) which provides 3"/76mm of vertical travel, the Air-100 Standard SIP providing 4"/102mm, the Air-140 High SIP providing 5"/127mm or the Air-150 High SIP providing 6"/152mm of vertical travel.

Further customize your Pacifica Air by including optional armrests, seat belts or your logo to truly make it your own.

FireFighter Pacifica Air

Features and options

Shock-isolating Air suspension system
Integrated serpentine spring system
Built-in lumbar support
Ergonomically molded high-density contoured foam back and cushion
6" (152 mm) fore/aft adjustment
Up to 69° mechanical recline
Seat style options
Air suspension | Air-50, Air-100, Air-140 or Air-150
Optional accessories
Custom embroidered logo
Two-point seatbelt
Trim options

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