Navistar International Commercial Chassis: Tanker 450

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Navistar International Commercial Chassis: Tanker 450
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Equip your Navistar International vehicle with Bostrom FireFighter™ seats.

Our International-compatible Tanker 450 SCBA seat delivers premium rider comfort, safety and ease of use. The Tanker 450 SCBA seat comes with an extended high back and fixed seat cushion. The seat includes the SecureAll™ SCBA bracket and StoreAll™ side cushions that remove easily and accommodate bulky turn-out gear.

Our patented auto-pivot-and-return headrest facilitates rapid seat egress while donned in turnout gear. Seats are available with or without fore/aft adjust and back angle.

Select from three different seating configurations to accommodate multiple crew positions: single-seat, two-seat or three-seat. Seats include risers that fit International original vehicle mounting points, allowing you to customize your seat configuration.

Each seat also includes the embroidered International logo and grey vinyl upholstery.

Tanker 450 seats have integrated seat sensors that are ready to connect with third party-supplied Vehicle Data Recorders. Our seats have been rigorously tested to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1901 standards for safety and performance.

Contact H.O. Bostrom customer service for International feature codes and design recommendations.

Navistar International Commercial Chassis: Tanker 450

Features and options

Shock-isolating integrated seat springs
Auto-pivot-and-return headrest
Integrated seat sensors for Vehicle Data Recorders
Easily replaceable seat cushions
Tanker 400 series back bolster profile with StoreAll™ removable back cushions
Seat occupancy sensor
Meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1901 and European Norm (EN) 1846-2 standards
Optional accessories
Cavity cover
RestStop back pad support
Manual fore/aft adjustment
Trim options

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