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Single-source seating for your exact specifications

Innovation comes standard at H.O. Bostrom. We partner with OEMs to adapt seat designs to fit cab specific construction needs, in addition to developing new designs that meet developing technologies. For us, performance and safety are paramount.

We care about our customers and value our long-lasting relationships. So we do whatever it takes to provide you with exceptional service at all times.

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Our custom seating design

We partner with our customers to identify scenarios where a custom or semi-custom design would be mutually beneficial. This could be a seating system we create from modifying existing components or an entirely new design.

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Industry experts on hand

Our customer service team are seating experts who can help you find the best solution to meet vehicle-specific requirements.

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Precision-engineered products

We engineer seats that go beyond the normal standards of functionality, comfort, and safety to deliver a premium experience.

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Continuous improvement

We deploy Lean Sigma and 5S best practices for efficient design and delivery of your seating solution.

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One-stop shop

Get all your needs met in one end-to-end solution—from the seating mechanics to the stitching detail.

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Precision Manufacturing

Frames are welded and painted, trim is shaped and sewn, and the product is assembled in our plant, where we provide strict quality control over all designs.


Why customize your seating

Customers choose H.O. Bostrom because we listen to their needs. Our custom seating solutions are an integral part of our customer-focused approach.

We work with you to engineer precise seating solutions that meet your exact needs. And we optimize operations with frequent rounds of testing and feedback. So you get an end-to-end solution that overcomes your specific challenges.

Care and precision in action

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Fighting fire with comfort

Firefighters who respond to wildfires can spend weeks in the field.

So we designed the Sentinel seat to be functional, safe, and highly adjustable for long-distance travel. This helps firefighters maintain comfort during off-road excursions and convert the seat to a bed for proper rest.


Putting first-responder
feedback first

During our development of the Guardian ambulance seat, customers told us the industry standard swivel release was cumbersome to use and difficult to see during rescue operations.

So, we engineered our Bostrom 360-degree locking swivel mechanism with an easy-to-access and operate bright yellow release bar that avoids pinch points.

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Engineering answers at speed

As the MX175 Low Profile Suspension Seat went into production, our customer found one truck had a differently shaped mounting deck than the original spec.

We went to their facility, formulated a new mount, applied the design change to our seat, and met their immediate production needs: all in one day.

Innovate with us

Your next custom seat starts with a conversation. Talk to us and we’ll work with you to design a seating solution that meets your exact requirements.

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