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Seats to weather any storm

H.O. Bostrom designs and manufactures configurable, precision-engineered seating for a diverse range of frontline industries.

Our dedication to customer excellence means we partner with you to create comfortable, high-quality seats that fit your specific application and keep people safe at work.

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About H.O. Bostrom

H.O. Bostrom is a global manufacturer of standard and custom-designed ergonomic seating systems.

We live and breathe the fine, technical details. Naturally, our products are designed and engineered to exceed industry regulations, but the highest standards they meet are our own. With over 70 years of experience, we design and manufacture robust seating that meets diverse human, industry, and brand-specific needs. H.O. Bostrom provides high-quality, technical seating, prioritizing ethical and mutually beneficial customer partnerships while providing great customer service.

Our products

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Fire & Rescue

Our seats are both FMVSS- and NFPA-certified. And we’re the only manufacturer to engineer our own SCBA bracket.

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We build our range of commercial pilot house seats using finishing that passes over 1000 hours of salt spray testing.

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We’re one of three approved suppliers of Humvee seating, as well as the approved supplier to the DLA.

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We design ergonomic seating with mobility vehicles and other healthcare applications in mind.

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We provide ergonomic seating that enables maximum operator comfort, both with and without suspension.

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Our SAE- and FMVSS-certified off-highway vehicle seating is durable and comfortable in extreme environments.

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We design our office chairs to be ergonomic, including various features and adjustments for optimum comfort and style.

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We provide a wide range of FMVSS-certified seats for long-haul vehicles, with mechanical and air suspension to enhance rider comfort.

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Our FMVSS-certified suspension seats come with a variety of pedestal options and the choice of a 2- or 3-point seat belt.

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We design seating for turf applications that include optional multiple back heights and static or low-profile suspension.

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We work with OEMs to ensure the best functionality, safety, and access for ambulance seating.

Power Adjusts

We offer power adjusts engineered with 6 and 8-way functionality for a range of captain, driver, and co-driver seating solutions.

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Why choose us?

At H.O. Bostrom, we put the same care and attention to detail into our relationships as we do our products. We’re about long-term engagements focused on collaboration with our customers.

We work with you to engineer ergonomic end-to-end solutions that meet your exact needs and help you overcome your specific industry challenges. That’s why so may OEMs switch to us—and stay with us too.

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Customize your seating

We have created seating solutions that deliver. That’s why we’re flexible when it comes to our offerings. You can work with us to configure components and customize details that promote your brand.

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Service parts

Easily order new parts from us by referencing the unique serial number on your seat. Or, if you don’t know it, we also keep detailed designs of every seat so we can pull up what you need when you need it.

Our parts are easy to replace, but our specialist team is on hand, too, should you need support.

Explore your seating options

We design and manufacture seating that enhances productivity through a winning combination of innovation and quality. Contact us to explore your options and find out what we can do for you.

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